Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book manager, which provides you with an easy–to–navigate technique to quickly integrate your very own photo gallery into your web site, regardless of whether you’re operating a small private site or an enormous community site.

Gallery offers a full–featured admin user interface, which will give you total command over your picture gallery. It’ll be easy to set up users and groups, to turn on and disable plugins, to take care of comments and watermark settings, and so on. An integrated web editor will let you create image albums, to add pics and movies, to arrange and rotate photos, to label albums/photos, to change album permissions, to upload watermarks and more.

Gallery–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

Using our Gallery cloud hosting service, you’ll have your picture gallery installed on the world wide web with simply a click. You simply need to select Gallery from the application drop–down menu on the order form and we are going to deploy your picture album software the instant we set up your account. That will allow you to start working on your web gallery right after the signup operation has been done.

Each Gallery cloud hosting offer will be secured by a variety of service guarantees for the trouble–free operation of your respective photo gallery. Your cloud hosting account is configured at no cost and will and will feature a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Moreover, if you aren’t content with our Gallery cloud hosting service, you could make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

At Consultores-TIC we provide you a time and effort saving option to manage your Gallery sites. Packaged with each and every Gallery cloud hosting plan, you will get our custom Web Control Panel. Built by us for us, it provides superior speed as well as trustworthiness when compared with alternative control panels. Last but not least, it will allow you to be in charge of your web site and also your domain name from a single place.

In the Control Panel you will find lots of beneficial tools and bonus apps which will help you with your current web site along with all of your potential web sites. Using our File Manager it is possible to upload files by dragging and then dropping them in your own web browser. Our Domain Name Manager will let you maintain many different domain names at the same time. Our Statistics Manager will start gathering website visitor info for your website the second it goes live.